13X Molecular Sieve (4x8 Bead)
13X Molecular Sieve (4x8 Bead)
13X Molecular Sieve (4x8 Bead)
13X Molecular Sieve (4x8 Bead)
13X Molecular Sieve (4x8 Bead)
Molecular Tek, Inc.

13X Molecular Sieve (4x8 Bead)

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13X Molecular Sieve, 4x8 mesh Beads
  • Available Packaging Options:
    • 330 Pound Drum (actual weight: 150kg)
  • Our ISO Certified manufacturing process and multiple quality control checkpoints allows us to deliver reliable products to our users
  • For use in industrial, laboratory, or personal applications
  • Local packaging and inventory available in Houston, Texas

13X Molecular Sieve, or zeolite, offers a pore aperture of approximately 9 Angstroms and can selectively adsorb a variety of molecules including: water, carbon dioxide, light weight hydrocarbons, and sulfur compounds. This molecular sieve can be used repeatedly after being regenerated in Temperature Swing Application (TSA) or Pressure Swing Application (PSA) units.

This product is also suitable for industrial processes to deeply dehydrate gas streams for cryogenic separation, purify ammonia synthesis gas, or dehydrate streams of compressed air, instrument air, and inert gases.


  • Air Compressors
  • Air Separation
  • Ammonia Synthesis Gas Processing
  • Cracked Gas Processing
  • Cryogenic Separation
  • Industrial Air Production
  • Inert Gas Processing
  • Natural Gas Processing
  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Petroleum Gas Processing
  • Refining Applications
  • SCUBA Air Production