Alcohol Solvent Purifier - 3A Molecular Sieve (8x12 Bead)
Alcohol Solvent Purifier - 3A Molecular Sieve (8x12 Bead)
Alcohol Solvent Purifier - 3A Molecular Sieve (8x12 Bead)
Alcohol Solvent Purifier - 3A Molecular Sieve (8x12 Bead)
Alcohol Solvent Purifier - 3A Molecular Sieve (8x12 Bead)
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Alcohol Solvent Purifier - 3A Molecular Sieve (8x12 Bead)

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Dehydrating Alcohol
When using alcohol as a solvent, it's important to have a high purity alcohol to improve the quality of reactions and extractions. Through simple distillation, alcohol cannot be dehydrated beyond about 95% purity due to a naturally occurring phenomenon called an azeotrope, a point where water is equal in both the vapor and liquid phase of the boiling alcohol.
Molecular Sieves for Dehydration
Since water is equal in concentration, water cannot be boiled out, but it can be removed through the use of molecular sieves. Molecular sieves are a synthetic, crystalline zeolite, closely related to naturally occurring zeolites such as chabazite, mordenite, clinoptilolite, erionite and phillipsite. The name molecular sieve comes from the ability of these crystals to literally separate molecules from one another based on its size.
How Molecular Sieve Works
Smaller than nanotechnology, Type 3A Molecular Sieve crystals have a pore opening of approximately 3 Ångstroms in molecular diameter. This means that water molecules, which measure approximately 2.8 Angstroms can fit through the pore opening of the molecular sieve while alcohols such as ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, methanol, and more cannot because alcohol molecules measure larger than 3 Angstroms in molecular diameter.
Why Alcohol Purity is Important
Having high purity alcohol will allow users to have cleaner reactions and extractions depending on the use of the solvent. Removing water from solvents used in extraction technology for oil concentrations, such as essential oils, can help reduce the presence of chlorophyll and other impurities that are water soluble but not alcohol soluble. Since molecular sieve crystals are bound in clay to form workable beads, deposits of clay in the solvent are natural and can be removed using mesh filters. 
  • 3A Molecular Sieve, 8x12 mesh Beads
    • Available in Multiple Packaging Options:
    • 1 Pound Bag (actual weight: 1lb, 2oz)
    • 5 Pound Bag (actual weight: 5lb, 2oz)
    • 50 Pound Drum (actual weight: 50+ Pounds)
    • 330 Pound Drum (actual weight: 150kg)
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