Return Policy

Refund Policy
We at Molecular Tek, Inc., offer a guarantee on the products we sell. If any of our products fail to meet specification(s), contact customer support via email immediately for refund instructions; a return of any unused portion (at the customer's expense) may be required for returns. Prior to any purchase, if you are unsure as to whether a product will help with your application, please ask us! We love to educate our community and help customers find their ideal product. Rest assured that our goal is for your experience to be the best it can possibly be. Due to the environmental fragility of our products and its immediate deterioration upon exposure to open air, we reserve all rights to determine the nature and extent of refunds for returned product. Claims on returns may not valid after 30 days from the shipping date, so contact customer service immediately if you should have any concerns.

To Contact the Customer Service and Claims Department: