Activated Alumina (1/8" Bead)
Activated Alumina (1/8" Bead)
Activated Alumina (1/8" Bead)
Activated Alumina (1/8" Bead)
Activated Alumina (1/8" Bead)
Molecular Tek, Inc.

Activated Alumina (1/8" Bead)

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  • Activated Alumina, 1/8 Inch mesh Beads
  • Available in Packaging Option:
    • 55 Pound Bag (actual weight: 25kg)
  • Our ISO Certified manufacturing process and multiple quality control checkpoints allows us to deliver reliable products to our users
  • For use in industrial, laboratory, or personal applications
  • Local packaging and inventory available in Houston, Texas

Activated alumina is able to adsorb large quantities of water, allowing the product to be used in a variety of industrial applications to remove water through dehydration. Activated alumina can also clean and purify water by removing impurities such as fluoride (fluorine), sulfur, and chlorine, which creates an end product that is clear of common contaminants.

Activated alumina will adsorb water from the air and closed environments, which makes it an ideal desiccant for creating a stable environment for long term storage of metal goods, ammunition, and other perishable items to extend the lifespan of dry goods.


  • Air Separation
  • Biofuel Production
  • Buffer Layer
  • Bulk Dehydration
  • Catalyst Base
  • Cryogenic Separation
  • Fluoride Removal
  • Guard Layer
  • Insulated Glass
  • Natural Gas Dehydration
  • Oil Refining
  • Petroleum Gas Dehydration
  • Refrigerant Drying
  • Water Purification