Silicare© Silica Gel, Blue (2-5mm Bead)
Silicare© Silica Gel, Blue (2-5mm Bead)
Silicare© Silica Gel, Blue (2-5mm Bead)
Silicare© Silica Gel, Blue (2-5mm Bead)
Silicare© Silica Gel, Blue (2-5mm Bead)
Molecular Tek, Inc.

Silicare© Silica Gel, Blue (2-5mm Bead)

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Blue Silica Gel, 2-5mm Beads
  • Available in Packaging Option:
    55 Pound Bag (actual weight: 25kg)
  • Our ISO Certified manufacturing process and multiple quality control checkpoints allows us to deliver reliable products to our users
  • For use in industrial, laboratory, or personal applications
  • Local packaging and inventory available in Houston, Texas
  • Fresh material is blue and turns to pink with use

Blue silica gel, with indicating abilities, allows the user to know when the product has reached its adsorption capacity and will no longer continue adsorbing water and needs to be regenerated or replaced. Indicating silica gel is great for personal use to condition air in a specific environment or for industrial use for applications such as dehydrating and cleaning dielectric transformer oil.

Blue silica gel is used to dry air and maintain the humidity of a contained or open area. Silica gel is great for the shipment and storage of instruments, gauges, equipment, metal machinery, guns and ammunition, and anything that can rust or be damaged when exposed to moisture.


  • Air Drying
  • Buffer Layer
  • Dehumidification
  • Desiccant Drying
  • Electronics
  • Guard Layer
  • Natural Gas Processing
  • Oil Refining
  • Power Transformer Breathers
  • Small Packaging
  • Static Adsorption
  • Storage

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